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Monday, May 31, 2010

Brown County Art Colony

For those of you who have never been to Brown County or do not know the history of the area, it is a fascinating place. Brown County is in the hills of southern Indiana. It is really the first place where the hills start forming as you go south in Indiana. There are mists on the hills and many trees which flower in the spring and turn glorious colors in the fall. Because of this, near the turn of the century, many painters came to this area to paint the wonderful scenery. It soon became a haven for artists and a wonderful, creative community. Famous artists who painted here and lived here were Marie Goth, V. J. Cariani, Adolph Schultz, T. C. Steele.

It has changed a great deal in the past 100 years, but still there are wonderfully creative people who live here. John and Beth Mills who make a unique style of stoneware pottery. Bruce Taggart who makes mandolins and other stringed instruments. Martha Sechler who has a colorful, approach to painting scenery and natural elements. Amanda Mathis who does primitive style paintings of the town and its people. Irene Olds who is an amazing portrait artist and the cartoonist for out local paper, the Brown County Democrat. Brad Cox who is an imaginative metal sculpture. Marty Gradolf, a thought provoking Native American weaver. There is simply so much creativity here, it is everywhere you look. It is in the thinking and atmosphere everywhere.

It is a wonderful place to visit, live and definitely to have a shop with things which have a creative nature. If you haven't been here, you must come visit. If you have, just come back to rejuvenate the artist in yourself. It is a magical place.