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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monague Native Dreamcatchers

Several years ago we discovered a company from British Colombia, Canada called Monague Native Crafts. It is a wonderful company which began 25 years ago as a cottage based company and has grown and developed into a world recognized supplier of Canadian Native Handicrafts. They are 100% Native owned and give back much to their community. We carry many of their dreamcatchers which come with inspiring stories of friendship, guidance, safety and soul connections. Their dremacatcher legend goes like this. . .

"One of the most beautiful stories in Native Indian mythology is the dream catcher legend. It is said in the night air, there are good dreams and bad dreams. The good dreams go through the web into the feathers unto the one sleeping while the bad dreams become hopelessly tangled in the web, where they perish at the first light of Dawn."

Another type of dreamcatcher is called the Vision Seeker. It has a quartz crystal in the center of the web and other natural stones surrounding it. It's story is this. . .

"Vision Seekers are designed to capture bad dreams in the web and allow good dreams through. The quartz assists in removing the negative thoughts. The stones enhance spiritual communications and guidance. You will be guided to the Vision Seeker that draws you to your spiritual path."

These are beautiful creations and inspiring Native crafts. These hopeful and peaceful dreamcatchers enhance all our lives.

We are pleased to support such a company.

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