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The Totem Post
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Thursday, March 1, 2018

65 Years at The Totem Post

We hope you are enjoying our shop, as many have over the last 65 years, since we opened in June of 1952. Welcome to people visiting from our new website. On this blog you will find information about so many aspects of our shop - history, artists, merchandise and its meaning, and some of the philosophy of our shop. So peruse all the entries, because the information is still applicable to what we carry and our outlook. The Totem Post is more than a shop, it is an atmosphere - peaceful, fun and educational. Over the years we have grown and our merchandise has become more spiritual and inspirational in nature. Animal items play a big part in our shop now, too. They have deep meaning to the Native Americans and also to those connected to nature. Another area that has grown in our shop is stones and rock. We love the history of a stone and how it stands the test of time. They are beautiful and meaningful. You will find music here, too. A flute CD is often playing in the background and we have wooden kalimbas (thumb pianos), chimes and flutes for sale. And of course we have jewelry of all sorts. Handmade Native American jewelry is our specialty, but we have so much more, as you will see with our blog posts. Thank you to all our customers and friends that have developed over the years. You are why we are here and we look forward to many years ahead and new friendships to come.

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