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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Animal Totems

Many Native American tribes have symbolic meanings for their brothers the animals. Nature is such a part of their culture and spiritual identity, that every thing has a purpose and meaning. These meanings are quite in depth if studied and may vary a bit from tribe to tribe. But here are a few to give you some insights on this idea.

BEAR - Strength, protection, nurturing and introspection (hibernation)

BUFFALO - Abundance, gratitude and prayer

DRAGONFLY - Messenger of prayers to the Spirit World, guide to positive and new ideas.

EAGLE - Spiritual vision which enables one to see the whole picture.

FROG - Cleansing and beginning of life.

HORSE - Freedom and power, but power that respects and is wise.

OWL - Wisdom by seeing and hearing things that others cannot.

SNAKE - Power to discard the old for new ways, to transform negative to positive.

TURTLE - Patience to wait for the right moment, Respect for earth, protection of thought before sharing.

WOLF - Teaching for the good of the clan, preserving independence, leadership

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