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Monday, February 22, 2010

Virginia Fairy Crosses

Following the "stone" theme of the past few posts, today's topic is Virginia Fairy Crosses. When I was very young, I remember buying one of these crosses and being so fascinated by the legend. It is said that in this small area in Virginia, many many years ago there were fairies. Once, an elfin courier came to tell them of Christ's death and when the fairies cried, their tears formed into these stone crosses. It is said that Pocahontas had an entire necklace made from these. Presidents, crowned heads of Europe and soldiers have kept one of these crosses with them as a protective charm.

The technical term for this crystalline form is staurolite. They come in several cross-like shapes, maltese, roman and sometimes they are more like an X in shape. They are found in clusters imbedded in a rock, or just separate in this shape. There is a State Park in Virginia where you can go to find these on your own, there are plenty to be found and rains constantly wash in a new supply. They are primarily found in Virginia, but have also been found in Russia and France. The type we have are polished, but keep the natural shape in tact. It is said - "Through days of labor and nights of rest-the charm of a fairy cross will keep you blest" Wearing one of these crosses makes you feel very close to nature.

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