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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hello from Nashville

Thanks for viewing my blog. I hope to help anyone who is interested in Native American Indian jewelry. Also, I would love to hear thoughts on spiritual insights. I think we all are connected in so many ways and creativity is a great way to get to know each other. I have been artistic nearly all my life. Perhaps I got that from growing up with parents who were professional dancers and living in an artist colony in Indiana. Anyway, I see such a connection to life through art of every kind. I love things that are handmade because when someone wears a piece of jewelry that is handmade or displays a piece of artwork that someone else has created, they are revering the soul of another. It connects us. What a wonderful thing. So stay tuned for new insights, as I discover this world of blogging.


  1. Hi again, second day of posting! Some of you may know our shop, but if you don't, here are some of the things I grew up learning about. Most prominent, of course is Native American Indian jewelry and I will cover that in further posts. But we also carry ironwood carvings from Mexico, carvings from Kenya, wooden boxes from India, silver jewelry from Israel, silver jewelry from Niger, dreamcatchers from Canada, Artesania Rinconada from Uruguay. Also from Native Americans - Zuni fetishes and Navajo and Hopi kachinas, Pueblo storytellers, Sioux beadwork and artifact replicas. These things are all so inspiring and full of stories of how they are made and the symbolism for the people who make them. This is what I hope to address with this blog - the interconnectedness we all have through art. Stay tuned.

    1. First time blogger here and I love the home page and went through each listing. I've been like you, artistic since early on. Just recently I found the Zuni Fetish art. I love them and want one of each!! I now have 2 books on the history of the Zuni people, culture and their work. This is all new to me and I feel like I found it for a reason...and from your blog so long ago, I believe your shop has something to help me grow in my spirituality. I hope to visit sometime after Christmas.Thanks, Smiler

  2. Awesome! I love this blog. Keep it up.....see you soon!