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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rock As Art

Rocks are another thing that has fascinated my family for years. Perhaps we saw Lucille Ball's "The Long, Long Trailer" once too often. But on our family vacations we always came home with some "pretty rock". There is something about the natural designs, colors and feel of a beautiful stone. It doesn't have to be a diamond to have value. I love seeing faces or scenes in the matrix of a stone. Nothing can calm a person as much as the feel of a smooth, river worn stone. There is some intrinsic value to a geode that looks rough on the outside and has unseen beauty on the inside - a metaphor for many people. Also, stones are the work of centuries - molten lava, sediment compressed. They are works of art that took centuries to create. They have untold stories and have seen things we have not and will be here longer than we are. There is something beautiful and reverent about that.

So, in our shop we have many things made of stone. Of course there are interesting stones in our jewelry, but we also have salt lamps, crystal cluster tea lights, marble eggs, totem stones with animals carved on them, worry stones, onyx carvings, kisi stone carvings from Kenya. Just because everybody needs a rock. Maybe that is what they were getting at several years ago with the "pet rock." That man and nature can connect when man can have a portable reminder of how beautiful nature can be and what lessons it can teach.

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